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What is Osteopathy?

Let’s keep it simple…

Osteopathy is a manual modality of treatment that approaches the patient as a whole person in order to release any restriction that may be occurring and realign all the structures of your body while re-establishing the proper function of it’s systems. This can favour the reduction of pain and make your body’s systems work together in balance.

All Osteopathy treatment techniques are based on the fact that your body has the ability to heal itself, so we basically manipulate the body to the point where it can heal. We encourage and enhance this ability, which sometimes is restricted by different causes that can create dysfunction and pain.

Besides pain, Osteopathy can bring you many benefits that we have listed below:

-Increase and promote joint flexibility. -Chronic and acute pain relief. -Improve function of the Digestive System. -Reduce anxiety levels. -Improve posture. -Improve general Wellness

As you can see, Osteopathy can help you with pain as well as several other aspects related to your health and well-being.

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