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It is time for you to experience freedom, freedom from the chains of chronic health!

Let’s set you free, together

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a medical profession that seeks to combine evidence-based medicine, with the wisdom of traditional, natural medicine. 
Our purpose is to honour the body’s natural ability to heal and rebalance itself, by providing gentle guidance, direction, and removing barriers.  We know that your health journey is yours, and no two-health journeys are exactly alike. This is why, when you see a Naturopathic Doctor, treatment is individualized.

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“I believe everyone has a birth right to be and feel healthy, to have the ability to fully engage with life and all its beauty! I am here to serve you, to help guide you along your health journey, helping you to avoid any pitfalls and obstacles.”

Dr. Kyle Viehweger, ND

KyleV pic.jpg

Meet Dr. Kyle Viehweger, ND

Dr. Kyle has a clinical treatment focus on Chronic Pain, including the following:

•    Fibromyalgia
•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgia encephalomyelitis)
•    Chronic Inflammatory/autoimmune Diseases- Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, and more!
•    Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

I have struggled my whole life with various health concerns such as Cataracts, Eczema, ADHD, and IBS, it was through these struggles and health obstacles that I really found myself and learned to heal from within, with the strength and intelligence of my body.  Journeying through the years, I have worked with many family members and close friends with some of the above health concerns, really helping me to fall in love with studying and developing treatment strategies for these health experiences.

Dr Kyle

Naturopathic Medicine

Symptoms from a conventional perspective are seen as a bad thing, and the target for therapy.  However, it is believed and perceived from a naturopathic perspective that symptoms are merely the body's way of expressing that there is an imbalance of some sort happening.  Our goal as Naturopathic Doctors is to help remove as many obstacles and barriers as we can, to assist the body in its natural balancing abilities.  We try to get to the root cause, all while treating the symptoms, without suppression, especially if they are impacting your quality of life!  Naturopathic Doctors are trained in pathology, diagnosis, physical examination, blood work, lab tests, and more.  Naturopathic medicine is a perfect blend between the modern medical world and the ways of old, with traditional, natural medicine.

  1. First Do No Harm

  2. The Healing Power of Nature

  3. Identify and Treat the Cause

  4. Doctor as Teacher

  5. Treat the whole person

  6. Prevention

In the province of Ontario, within Canada, a person must complete an accredited, 4-year, post-graduate program, receive their doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and complete multiple board exams.  This is done to gain the Naturopathic Doctor title and practice legally in Ontario. 

Naturopathic Principles:
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