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When you don't feel your best,

you can't perform your best.

Let's upgrade your health.

Counselling at its heart allows an individual the opportunity to share their views, be heard and gain new perspectives on their situation and experiences. Clients work with their counsellor/therapist to fulfill goals which are constructed between client and counselllor at the onset of a client's first sessions. Goals and outcomes evolve as the process grows. Counselling works to empower the client in fostering stronger connections to self, others and the larger community.

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Meet Sean Gedney, MSW RSW

Sean supports individuals process:

  • end-of-life diagnoses

  • bereavement and loss

  • life transitions

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress management

  • trauma

  • PTSD

  • relationship issues

Social Work

Social work looks at the systemic issues that face an individual's condition/outcome and walks alongside them as they perform a holistic, inward, and outward dive into the systems that either support or further complicate this matter. Working in a team or individually, social workers arm their clients with resources and support to strengthen their toolbox as they approach future stressors/obstacles. Social work can often lead many practitioners to specialize in specific treatment areas to further support the complexities that clients face.

Social work is evidence-based, informed by clinical experience, research, and the individual patient’s unique health situation.

Social Work Principles:

According to the CASW (Canadian Association of Social Workers), there are 6 Social Work values all social workers must follow:

  • Respect for the inherent dignity and worth of persons

  • Pursuit of social justice

  • Service to humanity

  • Integrity in professional practice

  • Confidentiality in professional practice

  • Competence in professional practice

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