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A group treatment program that empowers you through education, guides you through treatment and gives you the support and accountability of a circle of women so you can live your best life! 

Education – learn what is going on in your body so that you can be empowered to take charge of your health to live your best life


Treatment – Dr. Alicia Motuz ND will support your healing journey with personalized treatments based on sharing within the group and the questionnaire filled out before each group session


Connection – you will have support and accountability from like minded women who are also committed to living their best lives

This is a unique 10-month group treatment program.
We will gather together every
4 weeks from 6:30-8:00 pm EDT, over zoom.


MONTH 1  –  Thursday, January 26
Introduction and Overview + testing and treatment options to consider 

MONTH 2  –  Thursday, February 23 
Irregular periods/heavy bleeding; highlighted organ system - uterus/ovaries

MONTH 3  –  Thursday, March 23

With the option from the group to move forward or behind 1 week- Sleep + Anxiety; highlighted organ system Adrenals

MONTH 4 – Thursday, April 20
Weight gain; highlighted organ system - pancreas and blood sugar regulation

MONTH 5 – Thursday, May 18

Hot Flashes and Night sweats; highlighted organ system - Thyroid

MONTH 6 – Thursday, June 15
Aches and Pains- migraines, burning mouth, frozen shoulder;
highlighted organ system - Liver/digestion

MONTH 7 – Thursday, July 13

Sex; highlighted organ system vagina and urinary bladder

MONTH 8 – Thursday, August 10

Urinary incontinence; highlighted organ Urinary Tract and Bladder

MONTH 9 – Thursday, September 7

Moods and memory; highlighted organ Brain


MONTH 10 – Thursday, October 5

Health Risks: that increase post-menopausally;

Osteoporosis, Cancer and Heart Attacks

After you register, our reception will reach out to finalize your attendance
and mail out your

PERIMENOPAUSE – Transitioning Like The Superhuman  
goddess  that you are!
Starter Kit with a couple of surprises.


  •  Almost 20 hours of time – in the group + the time spent writing personalized prescriptions from a licensed naturopathic doctor worth almost $6000

  •  15 minute alignment call with Dr. Alicia Motuz ND 

  •  1 hour Masterclass in April with Meryl D’Costa on Pelvic Floor Health 

(Meryl is a physiotherapist and owner of Eramosa Physiotherapy who has

specialized in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for over 20 years!)

  •  1 hour Masterclass in January with Carrie Muscat on Exercise and Nutrition for Weight Loss (Carrie is the owner of Dynamic Bodies Studio and the founder of the weight loss group, Drop it Like it Hot)

  • Lifetime access to all educational materials  Powerpoints, handouts and worksheets 

  •  Community of supportive women every month who help keep you accountable  in the group setting and the Private Facebook community 


  • 10% off all supplements purchased at Elevated Health and Wellness for the
    duration of the program

  • 10% off any Dutch tests purchased (if you have previously purchased on through the clinic,
    you will have an equivalent credit put on your account)

Although you can’t put a price on your health, the value of what is included in the program is worth almost $10,000. But this isn’t what it’s going to cost. 


It will cost you $99 / month that can be submitted to most extended benefits programs plus the cost of the Starter Kit of $99 + HST

(Starter kit cannot be submitted to benefits, Prescriptions that may include bio-identical
hormones or supplements are extra.)


Also if you are not already a current patient of Dr. Alicia Motuz, you will have
to have an initial visit in order to ensure there are no interactions with
medications or health history that she needs to know about.
Typically is costs $349, but due to the focused nature of the visit,
it will
only cost $149. (savings of $200).






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